NFL SBLII Minneapolis

NFL SBLII Prime Show Open
NFL SBLII “Charged Up”
NFL SBLII “Energies Collide”

We asked one question as we began our relationship with the NFL. What if we introduced the host city by creating an energetic and personal visual story?

The challenge? Don’t drop the ball, or the trophy.
We had to excite and engage football fans and those who love the commercials. That meant showcasing a branded football (our friend “Wilson”) and the Lombardi Trophy in sometimes precarious locations while creating dynamic visuals to stand alongside the big-budget ads.


Our learning? People like shiny objects. 
A great way to make friends in any city is by carrying the highly polished Lombardi Trophy, and a football. Making friends is vital to sharing the personality of a city through video.


The results? Minneapolis is America’s warmest cold city.
We saw a city that turned up its charm while turning down the temperature, and we captured that visual variety for the NFL. Then we turned it into compelling visual stories shared at the event’s Fan Zone and NFL Network.


We create results using a simple mix of key ingredients: passion, persistence and a bit of patience.

Production Specifics:

Motion time lapses required (read: plenty of robots on hand)

Aerials demanded (a handful of drones and specific lenses, check)

Cinematic excellence a must (cinema cameras packed and batteries charged)

Ability to endure sub-zero temps for long periods of time (questionable at best)

Key Takeaway

When you walk around any urban area with the Lombardi Trophy in hand, you’re going to make a LOT of new friends.

Have a story idea percolating in your noggin? Let’s talk.

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