Brand Story

A video producer making a video about video technology? Easy, right? Sure, we truly loved this brand-story project. But it presented a unique challenge for us – testing our camera skills as much as our story delivery chops.


SundaySky is a technology company that merges relevant data with compelling video. Geeky enough to be attracted immediately, we accepted this challenge. We couldn’t wait to use our storytelling and video experience to help communicate SundaySky’s unique solution.


We began this project as we do all, with discussions about why SundaySky exists as much as about what the company does. The founders of SundaySky are on a mission to help companies deliver video stories with personal attention; that’s where the data comes in, giving brands the power to produce videos for individuals, not broad groups.


We love using video to share stories about technology, about problem solving, about people. SundaySky has used our video stories at company events, during speaking engagements and across sales channels.

Project Insights

Corporate explainers are much more fun with a dash of comedy, yet it is critical to ensure the brand story remains the hero.