PF Chang’s : Farm to Wok

Brand Documentary

The American farmer, often removed from visibility but usually as close as a knife and fork (or chopsticks). The farmers who provide P.F. Chang’s with rice, honey, and onions, are connected by hard work and humility. It was an honor and a privilege to step into their world and to share their stories. The basis of compelling storytelling is a mix of struggle and perseverance, ingredients which are plentiful on the farm. 


The Farm to Wok series was born from the desire to share the intention behind P.F. Chang’s core ingredients. We wanted to help people connect with and better understand where their food comes from, and to meet the people who cultivate it. Farm to Wok has won more than a dozen advertising industry awards. Snack-sized segments can be found on Instagram and Facebook too.

Project Insights

When photographing nature, sometimes the best approach is to submit to the natural world around you and to keep the cameras rolling. When we found ourselves standing in an Arkansas rice paddy wearing waist-high waders, it seemed clear that we were not entirely in control of the situation. Occasionally, that’s when the best stories happen.